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Matt Taylor
My resume outlines 55 years of work and is connected by links to both descriptions of the work in detail and stories related to the times in which the work was done. Pictures are provided.
MG Taylor Mission
The Mission of MG Taylor is to make ubiquitous a new way of working that allows Transition Managers to better navigate change, design for it and facilitate individuals and organizations through it - at a scale and scope of which will transform the human race and our planet.
The 4 Step Recreation Model sets the context for how all the material in this web site is best understood and used. The premise of this model, is that all work has to be recreated in each operating environment in which it is used; and, that this must be done afresh in each iteration of development; this discipline is a primary aspect of the method I have played a role in developing. This way of working rejects the notion that a method can be transferred whole and immutable into a new condition or culture without change. It rejects a “cookbook” approach to transformation as promoted by many consulting firms.

This web site breaks almost every rule there is...

My apologies.

This is a biography [link] and a part time work in progress [link].

It is, at this point, less than 50% of anything approaching a comprehensive statement - beware premature conclusions.

It is also a working site... for myself and for many of those that choose [link] to come into my life and think and work with me.

The reason that this site is organized the way it is, is to establish and hold context.

It would be much more efficient to do it in a conventional manner.


If done that way, the central message would be lost: everything here has to be taken in context with everything here - and everything it is linked to.


Too much is stripped away and lost.

One of the problems with modern life is too much is stripped away. Too often, in our rush to be efficient, we lose meaning.

Life becomes mechanical. I reject this.


Architecture is the blending of art, engineering and building with living and work processes and business - not one of these can succumb to the other. It is the harmony of these elements that makes beauty and utility one.

In the end, great Architecture fuses spirit into stone and facilitates life [link].

Architecture is my passion. Everything I do springs from this well. To me, the practice of architecture involves designing, building and using it.

This is my ongoing story of how I am learning how to do this [link].

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