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You are in one part of what will in time be four parts of my web site: Autobiography, Papers, FutureViews and Projects. This section, Autobiography, has evolved a great deal since I stared it in 1998. I consider it a working Notebook and it will remain as such. There are numerous topics in various stages of completion. While I work diligently to get it finished, it never will be finished. The primary focus of this section - Matt’s Notebook - is autobiographical. A review of my life and work - past and evolving present.
There have been three purposes in writing this biography. First, I wanted to make sense of what has been a rich and varied, and sometime confusing, experience. This was important to me as I organized for the next stage of my work. Secondly, I believe that my experiences can be useful for others contemplating serious work and desiring to know what exploring the outer edges of innovation can bring. The third motive is to get my life documented for all the reasons that this is generally done. This still unfolding STORY creates a context that can be useful for those engaging with me in various projects. I sometimes refer to it a “user-manual”[link: 1938 -2002 matt manual] to Matt Taylor. As I am considered by many to be a walking “disruptive technology,” a manual may be useful to some.

For a variety of reasons this does not make up an easy read. There is a great deal of material here - over 15,000 thousand pages if printed out and this is growing on a daily basis. There are still serious holes in the story - you have to be careful about conclusions with so much missing. The range of my interests are unusually broad. This can create an intellectual whip lash if you are not prepared for it. The architecture of this web site is hyper-link intensive. If you don't follow the links, you will miss a great deal of what I am saying. Without following the links, you will not even find most of what is here. Doing so - or not - is your choice. Just know that you may end up with a completely different meaning, than was intended, if you do not. Some of the information is intensely personal. Even possibly upsetting to some. These aspects are included because the story lacks integrity if they are omitted. I do not believe that ideas and even works stand independent of the times in which they were done nor the lives of those who did the doing. Context is important an often neglected in our society.


All this said, after several years of part-time effort, a product is now emerging that has a certain coherence. It DOES illustrate the intimate connections between intent and heuristic searching, idealism and pragmatically working to MAKE things that people can actually use, and the tug-and-pull between artistic “push” and market “demand.” It does tell a story of innovation across a wide spectrum and over a long period of time. And, this phase of the story is changing again as MG Taylor - my work focus for 30 years - is transitioning from iteration6 to iteration7 of it’s development.


There is content on this site that can be controversial to some. Certainly, personal as I have said. I only ask you to take it in the context of all of it and knowing that - as of yet - only fragments of the whole cloth exist. If you choose to communicate it to others, please do so within a functional context and with appropriate qualification.

To simplify things, I have omitted IP tags on this site other than copyright. Please refer to the MG Taylor web-site [future link] for both a listing of intellectual property assets and our policy in regards it [link: mgt ip].
written in 2002, updated 2003, editied 2010
revised: August 15, 2010
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