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I have been speaking at and, from time to time, offering courses at SFIA since February 2000. During this time, I have also been working on my Master’s THESIS. Also, during this period, a new architectural practice has been emerging. There are two aspects of this practice; the first, SFIA Architects - Master Builders, which is associated with Fred St itt and the school; and, Taylor Architecture which is the expansion of the architectural work associated with MG Taylor Corporation’s global practice of building collaborate work spaces [link], managing them [link], and delivering them at the time and to the places required [link].
These have been turbulent times. There have been many starts and stops. Through it all, however, steady progress has been made on several fronts. We have the beginnings of a collaborative environment at SFIA; my Architectural Practices Course has been refined though several iterations; my SFIA THESIS is about done [link]; there are several projects in the Taylor Architecture and the SFIA Architects - Master Builders practice offices; and, the reality of accomplishing some built work in the San francisco area, which will both illustrate the architecture I have been talking about and also offer work opportunities to SFIA students, is beginning to dawn. Concurrently, the global practice of MG Taylor is opening the door to the large scale projects that have so long been “waiting” for clients and application. This is but the beginning and there will remain bumps in the road ahead. However, there exists now a thread that ties theory to practice - and that is what I have been about with my association with SFIA.
It is my goal, at SFIA over the next two semesters, to both take advantage of these circumstances and to advance them a significant amount.
I call this course The Path to Xanadu for several reasons. Xanadu is, at present my “end state” model - the THERE - for what I want to accomplish in the building of an individual piece of Architecture. It is also two other things. It is a benchmark for MG Taylor in the goal of creating ubiquity of a new way of working; and Xanadu,and the network that will support it are the necessary infrastructure, minus the Crystal Cave, necessary for the practice of Planetary Architecture.
This course, which covers two semesters and employs lectures, seminars, a course on Architectural Practice and a design Theory/Practice course, is the summation of what I have learned in 50 years of practice while bringing to the world several innovations in regards the role of architecture and its place in society and in building the capabilities necessary to effectively to embed this philosophy in practice. This course is, in effect, the outline of my entire SFIA THESIS.
While I do not expect that those who will take this course to shape their architectural goals around this specific vision, the unity of theory and practice, presented by my personal approach is one example, in practice, of the METHOD I which to teach. What I want them to do is to think though this thesis and determine their own definition of architecture, the scope and kind of practice model that fits them and to execute a future project design based on their self determined goals in architecture.
This course requires a major commitment on the part of the student. It will be customized for each so that it will have relevance to beginner and highly experienced alike. It can be taken in two modes: audit and full credit. In “audit” mode, credit will be given for attendance in each course component. “Full credit” mode will require two things: first, all of the courses, lectures and studios in the set, have be taken. Second, all of the work assignments will have to be completed. The completion of the entire course and the assignments nets the student twice the credit than does the audit experience. In concert with the SFIA tradition, the content and design work of the assignments will not determine the credit. What will is that the work is completed and delivered, in a creditable way, as negotiated between myself and each student.
link for reverences and examples
Below, the course is described unit by unit and links are provided to unit outlines, notes and support materials.
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Matt Taylor
July 9, 2005


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