SDC Master Plan
Phase III
Phase I [link] work is devoted to getting the Campus usable. Phase II [link] to putting that basic infrastructure in place so that full utilization of the Campus is achieved and the foundation put in place for the development to come. Phase III will expand the facilities beyond the present 135 thousand square feet and create the unique functions: Collaborative spaces, Conference Center, Residency, Performing Arts Center, expanded Student and Health Centers, and the Restaurant. These projects combine to create a unique environment [link] that serves both the College and the surrounding Community.
On June 23, Sojourner Douglass [link] had it’s move-in celebration. The first preliminary drawings, related to Phase III development, were put on display as part of the ceremony. What follows is a walk through of this material. The formal presentation of the SDC Master Plan will be made in mid-July.
June 23, 2003 Presentation
link: for enlarged drawings and statement
Birds-eye view looking from the North-West at the campus. Orleans Street has become the “front” of the project. The 1869 building [lower l.h. corner] is the Residency for visiting teachers and leaders.
The (now missing) Northeast tower of the Residency building becomes a glass enclosed stairway and elevator; the original ceiling height restored and a skylight built over a two story Atrium.
The Student Union [first floor, r.h. side] and Gymnasium (second floor), extension of the stage for the Arts Center and Restaurant; the Academic Wing is in the background (1923 building).
The walk from the Residency building to the Restaurant; the third level of which bridges to the Conference Center and multi-purpose spaces over the 1969 two story addition (now, Executive Offices).
View from Orleans Street at the Restaurant and Performing Arts fly-space addition. The Restaurant third level is open air sitting looking out over the Campus front landscaping.
View from the Southeast at the 1923 4 story building [r.h. side], the 4 story Collaborative areas - running east-west - the Executive Offices all framing the North and South Court Yards.
Section through the Atrium at juncture of the Collaborative area, new elevator Administrative Offices, third story Conference Center showing the West Entry.
The 4th story of the Academic Wing becomes the SDC Graduate School. Both ends open to a landscaped terrace with views to downtown Baltimore and John Hopkins respectively.
South terrace of Conference Center, multi-purpose areas. Residency structure in background; parking area to the West. The addition built of light weight steel, translucent fiberglass and glass.
View from Northeast corner showing the connection between the 1923, 1969, 1869 and 21st Century structures - all working in harmony; the site transformed by landscaping.
The East Entry of the 1923 building with new steel and glass canopy. This remains an important access point as well as historical symbol for the campus.
design team:
Matt Taylor, Scott Arenz and Matt Fulvio
These drawings show the general massing of the structures, integration of 140 years of school architecture, and the location of the major program elements of the project - not the detail of the buildings which will be developed in the next iteration of work. The general grammatical strategy of the project, however, is becoming clear: use traditional massing and forms in new lightweight translucent and transparent materials to tie all the disparate elements of the structures together; open the buildings with skylights; develop protected court yards and interior landscaped areas; provide a wide variety of different kinds of spaces rich in prospect and refuge; and, organize the spaces so that any one function can be supported by multiple different spaces thus providing flexibility and scalability.
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Matt Taylor
June 24, 2003


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(note: this document is about 25% finished)

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