postUsonian Project
Organizational Intent
It has long been my personal intent to recreate the Usonian experience [link]. It is just been recently that the evolution of MG Taylor Corporation and its ValueWeb has been such that an OGANIZATINAL intent has formed. On April 25, 2004, we took this intent “Public” with the creation of a public BLOG [link]. The purpose of the blog is to gather what is a great amount of now dispirit energy and focus it to form a ValueWeb [link] that can marshal the resources necessary to prototype structures [link] and work-processes so as to ultimately create a marketplace [link] for the design, financing, manufacturing/building, owning habitats and the making of communities based on the Usonian ideal.
The purpose of any enterprise is to focus the energies of people of more-or-less like mind and to lever these energies so that the sum is greater than individual efforts alone can achieve. Governments, non-profit, for profit and NGOs have been formed in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes to accomplish this. Great things have been achieved by some of these organizations and, at times, great harm, also. Each of these have inherent strengths and weaknesses. Too often, they are dominated by personality, limited by their structure, distracted by threat or the lure of wealth and become linear in their processes, short term in their thinking, and clogged up in their own bureaucracy. Bucky Fuller once said that “pollution was just a resource out of place.” The ills of organization are the same: a procedure, or person, or intent out of place. The reason why DesignShops work so well is that we do not try and change people; we rearrange the environment (the 7 Domains [link]) so that they are in the right place for who they are and what they want to do. No single existing form of organization can hold, in a coherent way, all the variety associated with the demands made on a modern enterprise. The ValueWeb architecture is designed to deal with this requisite variety [link] problem. ValueWebs create an environment in which many forms of organization can be matched to the requirements of many people and their circumstance. This is done by the PatchWorks architecture and process [link]. Strong leadership is healthy in a ValueWeb as long as it cannot dominate resources and decision making as it often does in a corporation. Conflicting interests can be dealt with because they can be localized and put into a “market” relationship [link] with one another. The ValueWeb, itself, can maintain a principled and long view while organizations within it can art with a narrower purpose and function and come and go in an ad-hoc manner without lose of ENTERPRISE continuity.
It will take the resources of many individuals and organizations to bring about a healthy and sustainable recreation [link] of the Usonian House and the communities it was intended to form. It will take GroupGenius [link] for this to happen. MG Taylor is in the business of creating the tools, methods, processes and environments out of which GroupGenius emerges. The ValueWeb is the organizational architecture for the GroupGenius required for projects of great complexity.
It is the intention of MG Taylor to create the postUsonian ValueWeb, to act as its Systems Integrator, as long as this is appropriate, and to evolve the Enterprise until it is a self-sustaining marketplace of its own [link].
From the beginning, there will be MG Taylor and MG Taylor-connected businesses involved, as well as, individuals and organizations not part of the core MG Taylor system. The final Enterprise architecture will emerge through a series of adaptive moves that cannot now be anticipated. This is the organic process of evolving from an organization to a network to a market. Each step along the way, however, will be governed by clear rules-of-engagement and will involve discrete legal entities. The WHOLE will be governed so that damage from incremental failure does not put the Enterprise, itself, at risk.
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Matt Taylor
April 21, 2004


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posted April 21, 2004

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