this is a work in progress: SYNTHESIS OF MY 2010 EXPERIENCES
The Tools of the Trade
a process and augmentation system for global transformation

This web site, Matt Taylor Notebook, is a biography - part personal, part story of my professional work, part scratchpad of ideas, designs and tool development from a past-preset-future as one perspective.The integrating theme of which is the experience of creating a means to facilitate a global transformation to a just, healthy and always emerging life experience for all life on Planet Earth and beyond as we explore our path to the stars. The design premise is that the immediate work ahead is to re-create earth as a garden for all life forms by means of a global Armature of navCenters which provide a toolkit in support of collaborative processes and rapid prototyping.

This mission has animated my life for nearly all of the last 35 years. In terms of creating the basis for this work, I am well into what I consider to be the 7th iteration of design-build-use cycles of work. 2010 was a most interesting experience - a year filled with small disappointments, large opportunities, many lessens to be learned, and in sum a huge verification of the validity of the work we set out to do at a time which feels both like a century ago and yesterday. 2010 also was a year which seemed like the old century spent most of the first decade of the new determined to holding on to the last with as firm a grip possible while studiously ignoring all the signals of a new paradigm being born. It was a year capable of confirming the viewpoint of both pessimist and the optimist.
The year went like lightning leaving me more behind with my documentation than I was at the beginning. It seemed that nothing got finally done or really started. The feel of the year was much like 1980 when we first launched what is now MG Taylor Corporation. As different as the particulars are, the landscape seems familiar. We have gone full cycle it seems. The vista from here looks like one of pure opportunity. This is perfect convergence as almost everything about our enterprise is in the process of being reinvented and taken to the next level of capability and expression. The core of the work, and the strategy for bringing it about remains, remarkably, the same.
This page is a synthesis of three questions: What are the tools of the trade of social transformation and how are they brought about? What does the work of last year, and year ahead of us, mean as a measure of where society is and where it can go in the immediate term? And, how does the completion of our 7th cycle of organization result in the viable organization necessary to emerge a ValueWeb able to fulfill the Mission of our origin?
In the old model of work and organization, these questions are only loosely linked in a linear manner. From the perspective of our mission, they are intertwined and fold into one another by iterations of work and multiple concurrent levels of recursion. None of the parts can be separated from the whole and any that can do not belong in this system at this moment in it’s life cycle.
Suppose you were...
If your are anything like one of these organizations, with a like project, how can you best employ the DesignShop®, navCenter™, PatchWorks™, ValueWeb® structures-processes and toolkit to accomplish you objectives? What do you have to know? What key factors make up the “drivers manual?” What are the risks? The potential rewards? How do you set the appropriate level of ambition? What context is the best envelope in which to conceive of and execute your project?
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