Matt Taylor Architectural Courses

in association with SFIA

At present, I have three teaching activities with the San Francisco Institute of Architecture:



Twice a year I deliver a lecture on some aspect of my architectural work. Notes from my first presentation are posted. My last presentation notes are still a work in progress.



Twice a year I deliver my Basic Architectural Practice Course. This is a combined lecture and studio with 9 formal three to four hour sessions and a number of ad-hoc informal dialogs, studios and field trips. The Fall 2001 sessions are being held at the Palo Alto knOwhere Store. The always changing version of my course notes are posted.

The SFIA designation is:



Tuesday evening 6:30 - 9:00 pm
Preview/Open house, Tuesday, September 18 at the knOwhere Store
Class #1 starts Tuesday, September. 25
Last class Tuesday, December 11

The schedule between September 25 and December 11 varies due to my travel and various ad-hoc sessions. Meeting dates are worked out with the class usuall several weeks in advance.

Register with SFIA.


studio experience

With SFIA founder Fed Stitt, I co-facilitate a studio aimed at taking an existing architectural type and re-purposing it for sustain-ability in the 21st Century.

Our present project is old shopping centers. My role in this process is to conduct a 2 and 1/2 day design studio, at the Palo Alto knOwhere Store, employing and teaching the DesignShop process. The design studio will focus on the projects the students are now working on. This course is offered through SFIA. Participants invited to the design studio are from be from SFIA, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, other architecture and design schools and local practices. This iteration is scheduled for July 27, 28, 29, 2001.

For detailed information and course Notes.


Matt Taylor
Palo Alto
July 22, 2001

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