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Besides its ability to rotate, one of the major features of the POD and miniPOd is the ability of its owner to configure it in a variety of ways. Illustrated below are the options available for members of the VCH executive team. We will be starting production of your components mid January 2004 so we will require your selections by then. A display will be set up at MG Taylor’s VCBH office space in January to facilitate this process.

The are 20 places for individuals to work in the space as well as two group areas for 12 and 36 persons respectively. Based on prior discussions, the designated location of team members is as follows:

POD 1 Amy C
POD 2 Pat C
POD 3 Jim S
POD 4 Terrell S
POD 5 Martha R
POD 6 Barbara W
POD 7 Dir of Planning
POD 8 Phyllis S
miniPOD 1 Jan C
miniPOD 2 Kim N
miniPOD 3 Mary R
wStation 1 Kathy M
wStation 2 process support
wStation 3 printing, binding, etc
wStation 4 catastrophe support
wStation 5 open
Office 1 Arnie S
Office 2 Menton A J
asPOD 1 Admin Resident
asPOD 2 open
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Matt Taylor
November 25, 2003


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posted November 25, 2003

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