Remote Presence
Working Across Time and Distance
The barriers of time and distance, despite modern technology, still dominate how work is accomplished. There are four factors that govern this: the technologies available, the way the technologies are used, the environment in which the work is done, and the work processes that are employed. True collaboration remains elusive for most teams and collaboration across distance is rarer still.
There are several pressures being brought to bear on this subject. Increasingly, team members are located in different locations. Travel is becoming more difficult, expensive and dangerous. Issues of life-style are being raised in regards extended time away from home. Productivity demands are rapidly rising. Clearly, now is the time for distance learning and work to work. Today, it does not, and, the rate of betterment is not significant. There there to be significant gain the four factors, mentioned above, will have to be dealt with. It is my contention, that if they are, there will be a quantum leap in effectiveness and RemotePresence and RemoteCollaboration will be possible.
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How Technologies Are Used
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The Work Environment
The standard work environment does not support Remote Collaboration well; it is too static. With video systems, people are reduced to immobilized talking heads and there is little value add from the camera.
The Work Process
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