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July 1, to September 16 , 2001

Note: This feature is being discontinued.
The July through September section will be amended to document the trip to Europe and will remain posted until October when the entire series will be archived and replaced with a new format - mt

CAMELOT waiting at anchor
Xanadu waiting on paper
old/new paths - waiting

Everything comes to term, dies, mutates, evolves, transforms. A person, an idea, a business enterprise. We call this the Stages of an Enterprise Model. The stages themselves can be modeled. They are reasonably uniform with defining characteristics. Exactly when each stage triggers and what the consequence will be is not predictable - the complexity is too great. The environment alone, in which the stage is reached, can make what seems like an easy and straight forward transition into something completely unexpected and add enormous surprise.

Reality can emerge like a phoenix. Often, the things you hope for and work for turn to ash - and, just as often, the things you feared and resisted become that rarest gift from nature. Intention and serendipity - both are required.

These shifts cannot be predicted but the can be felt - sensed. They can be initiated by personal action. For me, the time has come.

There will be a party at the Palo Alto knOwhere Store the 16th of September - RSVP.

Note: September 14th; I am unable to return from Europe due to the crisis so this event is canceled.

May 10, to June 30, 2001

1987 - Capital Holding Design Center
Outside the conference Room of the World Economic Forum
Gail and Matt at the WEF - June 2001

This period is one of creative tension as old and new relationships form and reform. A slow period in the economy but a highly active period for us and the creation of new options and opportunities. A paradox in a way. What we all are experiencing with this economy may be much more than a slow down and the consequence of the blow out. There may be a more subtle shift going on in the economy at large. The last economic binge was not the new economy - it was the old economy on steroids. What may be emerging now may be the first chaparral plants of something truly useful. The task, now, is to start building ValueWeb enterprises for specific purposes - customers, producers, investors focussed on an opportunity functioning as a market.

April 1, to May 10, 2001

AI 1999 Armature design
Camelot -in the Bahamas 2000
Steinmeyer House - 1976

April’s activities included a trip to Japan my first trip there since 1987. Too late for the cherry blossoms but I was promised “beautiful flowering bushes” and that turned out to be fine with me. I spoke at the Kansai Silicon valley Venture Forum and at the Stanford Japan Center. On April 11 and 12 I was a panel member at the Future leadership Roundtable in Santa Clara. Along this front, an invitation came to speak in Korea in October of this year.


January 03, to March 31, 2001

Prelude to Gail’s and my New Years eve
iterations gets a Logo
Davos 2001

2001 is the first year that all the Business Units of our Enterprise, MG Taylor, knOwhere, AI, Yolke Incorporated, will be starting the year with their own management, products and ValueWeb of produces, users and investors. The ENTERPRISE still functions in an integrated way when there is work that requires it. At the same time, each operating unit totally controls it’s own business and dealings.

The four Business Units work closely with iterations an Enterprise ValueWeb member. Among other things, iterations is taking the research done for our various events to new levels of scope, depth and clarity.

Development of our System and Method, as a new way of working continues. Over the next 18 months, several new expressions of this invention will be offered by various Taylor Business Units in the form of products and services.

What this all adds up to is we now have the structure in place to launch a variety of long desired initiatives, including in 2001, a suite of TANSTAAFL DesignShop events. These directly take on critical systemic issues that every organization around now faces. In a very real sense, this is a concrete expression of what we created this Enterprise to do.

TANSTAAFL means “There ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” an expression used in Robert Heilein’s The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress and by Dolan in his book TANSTAAFL which was written in the 1969 and focussed on full cycle economics and the consequences to our ecological system if we did not start pricing into products all the costs associated with their production and use. Unfortunately, Dolan, who was mostly ignored, is being proven right in his perception. Well... TANSTAAFL.

Gail and I designed and facilitated 4 Work Shops for the World Economic Forum at Davos at the end of January.

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