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Making Xanadu, and using her successfully, is not a matter of money although it will take plenty of that. Xanadu can come about and be viable only if created and operated by a true ValueWeb. Even if it could be physically built by other means, without a viable ValueWeb, it will fail in it’s mission. You can can build all of the elements of a ValueWeb and have them be successful and still not have a successful ValueWeb. You have to be what you want to make or you end up making something else.
That the sum of all existing trends on planet Earth and near space is heading for a global train wreck is undeniable. That Humanity has all of the knowledge, skills, technology and potential organizational capability necessary to survive and thrive, is also undeniable. What is missing from a successful equation are four aspects of an appropriate response: time, a new paradigm, focus and a neutral, effective, facilitative, systems integration function. Xanadu, and a global network of navCenters is designed to be this function.
The vision of Xanadu, for me goes back as an explicit future reality, to January 1958 although I can now trace fragments of it back into the 40s. Xanadu is not something I invented or dreamed up. I can take no credit for it. It came to me and it is simply my task to help bring it about. This is not an easy task nor is it even remotely a task I can accomplish on my own. And now, in 2010, I cannot say with any certainty that there is one single individual other than myself who has a serious interest in the venture or belief in its necessity.
Making Xanadu, has been going on for half a century and has not yet begun. A rational opinion would be that it is impossible. A look at recent political-economic trends reinforces these concussions. Xanadu is not what people are buying today neither in spirit nor goods. Xanadu does not fit into the present paradigm. On this planet at this time, we are fighting over diminishing resources while ignoring our true wealth. These are of course the reasons for making it. You have to be what you want to make or you end up making something else.
When should Xanadu be built in order to perform its designated role? What will be in time? This is a difficult question to answer. To me the answer is yesterday or at least tomorrow! Yet this may be wrong. It may be that the timing, although it does nat appear so, may be just right and rushing it another symptom of our present dilemma of act act act before we understand what it is we relly need to do. It may be that there are other answers that have not appread yet and the issue of systemic integration is not the vacuumn it appears to be. How do we know?
Of “time, a new paradigm, focus and a neutral, effective, facilitative, systems integration function,” it may be that time is the one which is the most critical for humanity. Change is rushing down upon human organizational structures at an ever increasing rate with less and less apparent appropriate response on our part. There are many viable alternatives in the wings. A new paradigm of future humanity is emerging. There is even progress on the integration functions. The question is is our inability to be requisite with change will ruin us.
posted: April 30, 2010 • updated September 7, 2010 • 8:18 PM @Kansas City
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