What It Is - Its Consequences
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There are different definitions and perspectives on The Singularity yet they, in reality, add up to the same thing. The Singularity is that moment when Humanity exceeds the limits of biology. Then, the game is changed forever. It is interesting that the time window within which this may happen coincides with what is arguably the most dangerous period in all of the known history of the human race. From my perspective, we face both these challenges - what might seem like a great success and what might seem like a great failure - ill equipped to deal with either. It is possible to build a sold case that either humanity will succeed or fail within the next 25 to 50 years. The likelihood we will muddle through one more time without a radical transformation of our society becomes less credible as each day passes. This mismatch between the future we are creating, by billions of daily action, and our ability to deal with it, given what we are and not paying attention to and the habits we seem not able to shed, is the focus of my paper A Future By Design Not default [link: a future by design not default].
Matt Taylor
August 28, 2008

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posted: August 28, 2008

revised: August 28, 2008
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