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I am calling this article “how to run for president” because it is a description of how I believe one should do this process. From the standpoint of conventional wisdom, however, it should be called “how not to run for president” because I expect my recommendations will be considered total political suicide for a candidate by any expert advisor in this field. Maybe so, maybe not. Of the two times we have been asked on behalf of a Candidate who actually ran (and lost by the way), I can only say that the advise was categorically rejected. The thesis remains untested for over a quarter of a century.
My underlying premise is that the present way of running for this office is intrinsically dishonest and can only result in a compromised candidate who, upon election, discovers that his or her degrees of freedom have been traded away before the inaugural ball. These compromises are actually a series of negotiations with interest groups - an extended, multimillion dollar, two year long job interview process the goal of which is to survive by catering to the right mix of interests to get the job while in the meantime doing everything possible to smear and undermine opponents. I also have to say that if someone did decide to follow the process outlined in the paper that I must attach a caveat: “warning, this may be dangerous to your health” - to do so may be an invitation to get assassinated. Running the way I have advocated since Gail and I were asked in 1982, by some Gary Heart supporters to develop a model, will surely alienate almost everybody. To attempt to speak simple truth in our society today, not promise the impossible, and to describe a path to a viable future will not be popular. It is, however, what we need to get done.
Matt Taylor
May 3, 2008

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posted: May 3, 2008

revised: July 15, 2008
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