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You are here. This Page will take you to all of the work performed, October 08 through February 3, 2009 on the Program Statement and Schematic Design Stages of the Johnsonville navCenter Commons. Check back to this Index often as new pages May be added through this period of work.
This is the building which has been provided to replace the existing Learning and Development facility. It is located within walking distance of the Johnsonville Global Building.
This document is the summary of all the material listed on this INDEX and the detailed description of the purpose, vision, and means of executing the Johnsonville navCenter Commons Project. It, in addition, states the economics of the project.
Schematic Sketches Illustrating the concepts highlighted in the Program Statement and related documents on this site. The sketches will reflect the best estimate of Phases I and II Work Packages and will be developed further on the site visit Days - 70 to - 62 starting January 26, 2009.
phases and D/B/U SCHEDULE
Day-to-day activities to Design/Build/Use the navCenter Commons. This version is focused on Phases One and Two and the start up of Phase Three. This document changes daily - check it often. Notice the day count and confidence levels - they are meta data.
It is rare to meet a potential client-partner who has a well articulated philosophy. In this case, the CEO is a recognized thinker about business management is published, consults and offeres seminars about what he learned taking a small, successful family business and scaling it to becoming a corporation eminent in its market. Many companies have a philosophy but it has to be “pulled out.” With Johnsonville, the challenge is to start with this foundation and build on it.

Comments received from Team Members with responses.

Feedback as employed here is practiced as prescribed by the 4 Step Process:


Notes and links to documents internal and external to this web site which supplement its content. Look for [##] embedded in text for links to specific information on the content page.

This set, of eight URLs, together constitute the complete Program Statement of the Johnsonville navCenter Commons Project. The page titled Program Statement builds the central THESIS while the others supplement it. All have to be taken together to form a comprehensive understanding of what is proposed.
The Feedback page documents interactions between the Johnsonville and MG Taylor Teams during this process. As the project progresses, a link will be provided to URL's which document the Design Development, Contract Documents, and construction Management phases of the work.
March 8, 2009 Update:
On February 23, 2009 the Johnsonville Team requested an alternative study based on a built from the ground up building. The thinking being that an equal to better result may be possible at a reduced cost and time to build. Three studies, each with variations, were subsequently developed.
design options: NEW BUILDING
These 3 studies, explore a range of materials, construction types and size and capacity options. Each can be developed independently or with employing the Palomares House as a navCenter or Hospitality House.
The same Program Statement as developed for remodeling the Palomares House is assumed for these three concepts although in some, cases a different capacity exists between the four designs.
October 13, 2009 Update:
On April xx, 2009, The INSIDE design was selected as the project to build. This design was being developed when Johnsonville on xxxx xx, 2009 asked that we explore putting a basement under it for use as an office overflow space as the 2006 Global Headquarters building was becoming full. An overflow space would serve to push off building the next phase of the Global Headquarters building and also act as a buffer when new spaces are being prepared for various teams. This request posed significant design problems as the use and energy of this addition would conflict with the navCenter’s program. In addition, bringing light into this basement area would be difficult while keeping the low profile of INSIDE and avoiding building an elevator by providing grade access to all levels.
During this period, xxx to mid August, site survey and soil tests were conducted. There were ambiguities as to what is underground and several interesting soil conditions. This work was completed on xx August at the point when I presented an alternative to the basement concept during trip to Johnsonville. Since then to this posting, this design has been taken through Preliminary Design and costing. Design Development, engineering and consulting with a selected contractor team is now proceeding.
Superficial appearances and good-ideas-brought-forward aside, this new design is a completely new building which addresses a much expanded Program. It will serve Johnsonville to a much greater extent than any of the previous designs. Indeed, it is much like a design I did months ago but did not show Johnsonville as I felt it greatly exceeded the agreed upon Program - which it did. This illustrate how heuristic the design program is and how the Program will often change for the users after seeing the solutions of the earlier program concept. Design Formation is not linear.
Mid April to mid October, therefore, has been a period of intense redesign and redesign and rethinking of the the scale and scope of the project including its site locatioan. What has emerged from this is a design which promises to be the correct one - and, one able to survive the rigours of Design Devolopment. In paraleel with this the XXX Team has been exploring in greater debth how the Taylor Method can be applied to their ongoing education program as well as a new collaborative design capasity for Johnsonvillle.
The trade-off of this heuristic effort is that now we will hold off construction until Spring of 2010. The Palomares House remodel was directed towards an April 2009 move in date; the original INSIDE design was to be completed and put to use by the first week in October. Now we will be anticipating, best case, an August 2010 completion. While a stress for many, it matters little as long as we arrive at the right solution at the right cost providing the right capacity.
The links provided below document the design Development of this solution. The program Statement [link above] describes this expanded capacity.
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Matt Taylor
January 5, 2009


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posted: January 5, 2009

revised: October 13, 2009
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(note: this document is about 80% finished)

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