Boulder Affordable Housing Project

Bold & Sustainable

A component kit in an ecologically viable green house that facilitates residents easily reconfiguring their private and public spaces to meet their living, work, life-style, and economic requirements as these factors change


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A large earth-shelter greenhouse glazing system that acts like an energy environment value. The interior is made up of societies of approximately 125 persons each. Each society is composed of a number of self-organized affinity family groups.
inside the greenhouse, the is a module system based on the hexagon. All prefabricated components relate to this module which can generate multiple shapes horizontally and up to three levels, vertically, in a variety of places with the sloping greenhouse membrane.



The Shell (boundary of the system) and what it does: The boundary of the structure is made of of four key elements. The heat sink, earth berms, entries and the glazed membrane.



This is Langdon Morris making a point about the modular units and how they compose living units of various configurations. Langdon worked as co-designer and project manager of the project.

This concept is practical for today’s economy. Recent developments in glazing materials provide robust capability for greenhouse energy management and ambiant light control. New “smart” systems can both communicate community adapted “swarming” rules and account, bill and credit each individual and living unit according to their actual usage of space, materials, energy and tools.

Space framing techniques and wall component systems have reached a sufficient degree of maturity for economical use at this scale of application.

Co-housing and other ownership strategies have been developed and tested offering a variety of legitimate options. The home-office is finally coming into greater practice offering economy and greater amenity.

The result is an organic community/ecology/economy. A “replacement” community (Jacobs) that is emergent and co-adaptive with the global social/economic environment.

























This is me at the wall. Langdon is kneeling. The WorkWall is the first one built. This session, in 1980, was when the basic schema of the project was worked out.












Matt Taylor
Palo Alto
October 23, 2001


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