NavCenter Network
The five projects that presently make up this network of NavCenters are described in a number of documents on this website. The following URL Index provides a brief description of each URL. To access the documents, click on the masthead graphic at the left of each description.
Even though you may have a primary interest in one of these 5 projects, it is a good idea to be familiar with all of them. Each is unique, yet, the whole has to work as a system. Also, there is much information in each individual project description that is relevant to all of them.
The INDEX below is divided into the following sections: The Five Projects; Process; Documentation; Related Materials and Program Statement.
The Five Projects

Designing a NavCenter Network
a hub and satellite system

provides an outline of each project. This is the base document to which all the others are related.

A Network of Centers Facility One
Detailed Description

describes the physical layout of NavCenter # 1,TECHNIQUE.

NavCenter Two
Design Development Notes & Details

shows aspects of the existing campus, Floor Plans of each of the three levels of NavCeneter #2, MEMORY, and links to a large scale version and description of each floor level plan



Iteration One
Iteration Two
Iteration Three
Iteration Four
Related Materials

Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital - Executive Offices
The process of Continuous Interaction

tracks the process of s project where the NavCenter environment and methods is being adapted to the executive function.

Work Integrated Education - Building an Education Engine

introduces the Teaching Modalities Model, developed for the Corps of Engineers in 1983, composed of the five components of life-long learning.

ValueWeb - The Mechanics

provides a look at some of the underlying background and theory of what makes up a valueWeb; includes a basic book list.

Our Practice

A poster illustrating the approach to architecture of the HabitatMakers [link] ValueWeb: MG Taylor, SFIA Architects-Master Builders, AI,

Click on the various pictures and words for more detail. A print version is provided.

NavCenter - What? Why? How to Make One

The basic “argument” for why NavCenters along with the basic Models and concepts that are necessary to their operation.

1982 THERE
NavCenter Vision

showing the iterative, collaborative, technology augmented, Taylor work processes.

Matt’s Technical System
Creative Augmentation

describing the integration of work processes, environments and tools to augment human creativity.

by MagicWindow

introduces the concepts of RemotePresence, the MagicWindow project and Rapid Prototyping.

Four Projects - Redefining the Urban Work Landscape

looks at the issue of work in an urban setting and how knowledge-worker satisfaction and health can be achieved.

These articles, themselves, have many links that are worth following if you want to go further in to the material. These will provide a basic overview to the MG Taylor approach to making and managing creative environments.
Program Statement


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