Syntopical Dialog
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I use the MG Taylor Modeling Language Masthead for these Syntopical Dialogs to emphasize the connection between several processes: Syntopical Reading, the use of Pattern Languages and Modeling Languages, and various dialog methods useful for arriving at insights not easily found within one disciple or approach to knowledge. I will employ these MG Taylor “beads” throughout these dialog, as well as, make many links to topics in this web site and in other sites.
These dialogs are my “interaction” with the authors of the 500 books that make up the ReBuilding the Future Course; there are, of course, many many other possible paths that can be woven through this rich material. Your are encouraged to make take your own journey and to create and publish a map of where you traveled.
In an exploration of this sort it is useful
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Matt Taylor
December 5, 2004


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posted: December 5, 2004

revised: November 4, 2006
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(note: this document is about 5% finished)

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